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Your organisation and the digital economy – thinking about the future

All organisations need to start thinking about the implications of the digital economy to their business. We have compiled six pages of resources that provide some tools and articles to get you thinking about what you need to do. We welcome your feedback and input on other tools that may be of value to visitors.

  1. Understanding your customer needs in the digital world
  2. Understanding your industry and your future business strategy
  3. Developing your business model and future processes
  4. Using data in your business for competitive advantage
  5. Developing your people in the future
  6. Developing your future IT infrastructure

Is your organisation planning for the future? – Workshops for Manufacturers in Shepparton, Bendigo and Ballarat

A series of seminars, workshops and assistance will be available to manufacturing businesses in and around Shepparton as part of a new Enterprise Connect WINN programme.

The Digital Strategy 101 workshops commence in October. For more information visit .

In the video below, Tim Gentle discusses what participants can expect from the workshops. Tim has developed and will deliver the course.

Dr Tim Williams discusses some initial findings from the “Digital Hume” project

The Hume Region’s Digital Economy Strategy will be published in the coming weeks. Dr Tim Williams, of Arup discusses some of the preliminary findings and recommendations that are coming out of the report.

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