Digital Economy for Beginners

The term “Digital Economy” is one many small businesses have difficulty relating to. However, it increasingly matters to every business and cannot be ignored. As a business owner/manager you need to think about how it will effect your business.

Understanding the digital economy needn’t be overly complicated for individuals and businesses.

Don’t worry about the technical stuff. Think of the digital economy like this:

  • More of what you do and need will be delivered online over the internet.
  • It will help your business save time, labour and costs.
  • It will increase your exposure to potential new customers and sales.

Throughout this website we have provided a broad scope of information and tools to help you find your way in the digital economy. However, we are aware that sometimes what you really need is a simple step by step guide to get started.

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of tutorials for beginners, that have been created with the objective of guiding you through the tools that are available to build your business across a number of areas.

Use the links below to read the tutorials.

The Digital Economy Glossary: A guide to the terminology and jargon you’ll come across when we talk about the ‘digital economy’.

Tutorial 1: Getting Started Online: A discussion of free web tools and a video tutorial that will show you how to create a basic website for your business in 20 minutes.

Tutorial 2: Registering a Domain & Company Email: A company domain and email address are an essential part of a strong brand and online presence. We’ll show you with a simple slideshow that it is a quick and simple process.

Tutorial 3: Four tools to help you get new customers: How to get your business involved in online tools that will aid your exposure, customer interaction and generate customer feedback.

Tutorial 4: Three Ways to Cut Costs Online: The cloud and social networking has created huge potential for businesses to reduce costs by moving processes online. This tutorial discusses accounting on the cloud, online meetings and online recruitment.

Tutorial 5: Five Ways to Build Knowledge Online: Knowledge travels quickly in the digital economy in a new age of sharing and collaboration. We’ve explained five resources you can use to stay at the forefront of your industry.

Tutorial 6: Merging the Online & Offline: How do you create a link between your online activities and what you do every day in the physical world? The connection goes both ways and there are some easy tools to help you facilitate the relationship.