How To Prepare Your Business For Opportunities Presented By The Digital Economy

Please find a recording of the Webinar session from November 27 below:

Date: Wednesday November 27

Time: 5 – 6:30pm

Cost: Free to attend

Technology: The webinar will be help on the www.gotomeeting.com platform. It is easy to register and use and will work on almost all laptops and desktop environments. You can view system requirements at http://www.gotomeeting.com/online/webinar/webinar-support. Once you register you will be sent detailed login details.


This one hour webinar will discuss the major changes digital technology is causing across all industries. We will then discuss how you, as a small business owner/manager, can start availing of the opportunities the digital revolution presents.

For many small businesses, the online business world is daunting. This free webinar will provide you with information and advice that will allow you to develop an online plan for your business. The webinar, funded through RDA Hume, is available to all and will be delivered live by Fergal Coleman, a director at the Melbourne-based IT consulting firm Symphony3.

This workshop will help you understand:

  • How the digital economy is going to affect your industry and your business
  • Why the NBN is so important and what it means for the future of Australian business
  • How to prepare for the changes that are coming
  • How to leverage super fast broadband to your advantage
  • Critically analyse your business model and customer behaviour
  • How your customers are influenced by content and mobile
  • The value of data in a digital economy
  • What action you can take next.

To receive instructions on how to join the session, please fill out the form below. Details will be provided prior to the live session.

We also recommend attendees fill out our digital diagnostic tool prior to the webinar. It will provide some insights into where your business might gain immediate benefits from the digital economy.

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Title: Digital Agriculture – How high speed broadband and digital technologies will help you increase profitability and productivity

When: 6pm, Thursday 13th June 2013.

Cost: Free

Here is a recording of the webinar.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will deliver High Speed Broadband speeds to everyone in Australia. By 2015 farmers in the remotest parts of Australia can expect to start receiving high speed broadband services that will change the way they work and live.

Everyone working in the agriculture industry needs to understand the changes that are coming and the opportunities that will be available.

In this workshop attendees will:

  • Get an understanding of what the Digital Economy is, what it means for your industry and how it can benefit you
  • Be presented with an overview of the National Broadband Network and how it works
  • Hear from David Lamb at the CSIRO/UNE Smart Farm in NSW about the benefits they are seeing using technology
  • Learn about cloud and internet applications and how it works with precision agriculture
  • See how their peers are using digital technologies to improve profitability

This workshop is suitable for business owners and managers in primary industries including:

Beef, Dairy, Sugar, Poultry, Equine, Cotton, Fisheries, Horticulture, Viticulture, Cropping, Rural Consulting, Pigs.

To register click here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4070309933462590464

Presenter bio: Fergal Coleman

Fergal is a director at Symphony3. He works with and trains clients to develop and implement plans and strategies that ensure they make strategic use of Web2.0 technologies.  He enables his clients to bring business processes online, resulting in greater revenues, cost reductions and increased efficiencies and profitability. By combining strategic business tools and techniques with technology, Fergal aligns business and IT and delivers business results that benefit the bottom line.

Fergal has over 15 years experience in the Internet industry in both Ireland and Australia and has an extensive knowledge of digital strategies, internet marketing, online business models, online collaboration, and IT and business strategy alignment. He has run his own businesses for many years and worked with a wide range of organisations across industries as diverse as manufacturing, professional services, local government, automotive, construction and mining.

Fergal regularly speaks publicly to senior managers about the digital economy and the NBN, cloud computing, and digital strategies.

He has a Masters of Business and IT from the University of Melbourne.

Guest Presenter Bio: Professor David Lamb

David, a Professor of Physics and Precision Agriculture at the University of New England, develops and tests new sensor technologies for practical farming. He started his research career building and testing airborne imaging systems for agricultural applications. Following a few near-death experiences, his work now extends to cover on-ground, optical and electromagnetic sensors for monitoring crops, pastures and soils. David leads the university’s SMART farm project aimed at demonstrating the benefits of smart technologies, broadband connectivity and smart services in farming. He is also a project leader in the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information where he runs the ‘Biomass Business’ project.