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Tutorial 2: Registering a Domain & Setting Up Company Email

An essential part of getting your business online is registering your domain name, and setting up a business email address. This simple task will give your business credibility and make it easier for customers to find you. Don’t worry if you have never registered a domain name – it’s really easy and we’ll show you how.

What is a domain name?

Simply put a domain name is what appears as the website address (URL) of your business website. For example, this website has the domain www.digitalhume.com.au.

What do you mean by company email?

When purchasing a domain, it is possible to also purchase an email service that provides you with company branded email addresses. For example, if you register the domain  examplebusiness.com, you would want a matching email address such as john@examplebusiness.com. This provides unity for your company name (and brand) across all contact with customers.

Where do I register?

There are many domain name providers online, who also offer a range of other services including email. Prices and services will vary with the provider and it is best to look around and see which provider is most suited to your business. Some of the most common domain name providers are listed below:

What makes a good domain name?

A good domain name is relevant to your business, not too long, easily remembered and not over-complicated. Your first preference might not be available, but there are still many domains available.

How do I purchase a domain name and email?

Using crazydomains.com.au, the below slideshow will step you through the process of purchasing your business domain and email address. Easy as that!