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How to market Digital Hume

The fifth and final strategic focus in the Hume Digital Strategy is the marketing of Digital Hume. The strategy recommends using Digital Hume to strengthen the region’s branding and identity as a forward-looking and connected “smart-region” with a great environment and a diverse, modern economy that is attractive to current and future investors and communities.

The strategy is to put Digital Hume at the centre of the marketing and branding of the region. To achieve this the following actions will be undertaken:

  • Making Digital Hume a core part of the suite of initiatives and strategies marketing the region
  • Using Digital Hume to reinforce a wider effort by the Hume Alliance to market the region for inward investment, lifestyle re-location and to retain key workers
  • Ensuring digital initiatives in the region are promoted under a common “Digital Hume” branding – whether or not the initiatives are undertaken by the Hume digital partnerships or partner members
  • Collaborating on sharing best practice and resources amongst the communication and marketing professionals of all partner organisations

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Encouraging Digital Business

The fourth strategic focus of the the Hume Digital Strategy is to encourage digitally enabled business. There is a major opportunity in the region to enhance and learn from the success of existing innovative businesses, to attract further sectors that are knowledge driven, smart and green, and to enable local business to find and form global markets and alliances by:

  • Best-in-class public-private partnering supporting the digital economy, including collaborations between business, governments and TAFE/universities
  • Ensuring all business support activity is digitally informed
  • Promoting skills acquisition and knowledge sharing
  • Creating direct opportunities through procurement
  • Targeting support by local government to promote the economic opportunities of key sectors in each sub region
  • Promoting Hume as the region for digitally enabled businesses in Victoria

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Smart Homes – How Will They Help?

The Broadband Smart House Project

The goal of the Broadband Smart House project is demonstrate the use of the real-world applications of the NBN, including home automation, remote health monitoring, video-conferencing, rehabilitation, education, remote business, sensor monitoring, and environmental sustainability.(Source: RDA Northern Inland, 2013)

A smart home in Armidale, NSW has been created to conduct live workshops & demonstrations on the benefits of this new technology. The house is fitted with functioning installations where a typical family of four can try out the new technologies. At first instance the house will also be used by local TAFE and University students to trial and demonstrate various cutting-edge projects across a range of areas.

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Local Government thoughts on the digital economy

Local Government has an important leadership role to play in ensuring the digital economy becomes a reality  in the region. We recently met with Murrindindi Shire Council (Economic Development Officer, Bob Elkington) and Strathbogie Shire Council (Economic Development Officer Phil Howard, and IT Manager Richard Bianco) to get their thoughts on the digital economy and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Listen to the videos below to hear their thoughts.

Some recurring themes include:

  • Fear among the local community and local businesses about the digital economy
  • The lack of skills among many small organisations
  • The need for local governments to upskill, and to change their cultures to better embrace the digital economy
  • The need for champions, advocates and case studies highlighting those businesses and organisations that are maximising their use of the internet
  • The need to share skills, expertise and resources across organisations and to collaborate where possible; and to provide a framework to do that
  • The need to bring in outside expertise where skills don’t exist
  • The importance of getting the discussion started – what does the NBN and digital economy really mean for the region?
  • The need for innovation and creative thinking needed to take advantage of new ways of doing business

Examples were given of organisations effectively using the internet  in the farming, tourism, equine, health, and leisure industries.

Strathbogie Shire Council

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5dOFEg4xEo]

Murrindindi Shire Council

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsEDfVncylw]