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Transforming Public Services and Community Engagement using Digital Media

Strategic focus three of the Hume Digital Economy Strategy is to use new digital media to create smarter, better-designed, more accessible public services with reduced costs and higher impact, tailored to local communities and businesses. There are enormous opportunities in the public sector to utilise these technologies. Examples include:

  • Use of social media for engagement, services and services
  • Tele-working
  • Sharing costs and experiences
  • Involving residents in service design and delivery
  • Opening up access to data, and
  • Using digital platforms to improve emergency services

To achieve the goal of improved services and engagement the region will focus on the following actions:

  • Review of the design and delivery of services in a digital era by every public sector organisation in the region
  • Identifying the specific needs in terms of digital infrastructure
  • Reviewing digital skills of staff and how they can potentially use mobile and social technologies
  • Reviewing how smart data can be managed and utilised
  • Finding digital champions within organisations who can promote change
  • Reviewing how fibre networks can be used to deliver services
  • Committing to a regional and partner Open Data Policy
  • Ensuring all not-for-profit organisations, companies and other partners delivering programs for the the public sector have their own digital strategies and digital inclusion policies
  • Review use of online platforms in the context of improving emergency services

Specific actions for individual partners are included in the Digital Hume action plan.

What do you think of the actions above? Do you have any other suggestions? We’d love to hear from others in the region with ideas and initiatives that are already underway.

Digital Readiness: Skills, Participation and Access

Digital Readiness Pyramid

The three preparation areas: skills, participation and access

Research and consultation undertaken by ARUP in the Hume region in March, April and May 2012, indicates that there are three broad areas that the region must focus on to prepare for the NBN and the Digital Economy*. They are:

  • Skills
  • Participation
  • Access

Access can be viewed as the platform on which participation and skills are built. Access requires initiatives to ensure that the whole community gets access to high speed broadband. This may include partnerships between organisations (eg a collective of businesses, or businesses and local government) to supply interim broadband services to sectors of the community that won’t get NBN services in the short term.

Participation looks at initiatives that will ensure effective use of digital services. This includes leadership initiatives that drive the required change in the community to adopt digital tools . This may include initiatives at a regional level similar to the national Digital Champions initiative.

Skills focuses on developing training and services that improve digital skills and understanding in the community and promote the importance of the digital economy to the future well-being of the region.

*The Digital Economy Strategy for the Hume Region will be published in July 2012.

Do you have any ideas or comments as to how we can build digital readiness in the areas of skills, participation or access? We’d welcome your input via our comments form below.